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Thursday, February 9, 2023

TOP 10 CRYPTOCURRENCY TO INVEST IN 2023 l 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2023

TOP 10 CRYPTOCURRENCY TO INVEST IN 2023 l 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2023

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2- 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2023

hello there everyone my name is samtrallo and welcome back to my YouTube channel now guys engross today a very special video and that is going to be a hand-picked top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022 and also probably 2023 so I'm gonna I have picked 10 cryptocurrencies that I want to show you in this video that I'm personally invested in and I'm gonna also also show you my price targets for those cryptocurrencies and the method that I've used to actually get to those price targets is my own method which actually encompasses So Many Factors such as past performance of the asset and also the roadmap and.

how well does the team actually follow that roadmap then also the health and the development of the ecosystem itself which is incredibly important then also the potential market cap and cash inflow into the asset in comparison to the actual competitors of the asset Etc and also the estimation of the the number of investors in the next cycle so I just don't pull these numbers out of the head actually analyze everything very deeply so that's why you want to watch this video from the beginning and until the end so and then without any further Ado if that sounds great then hit that subscribe button hit that like button and also hit that notification Bell so you're always notified when I make a new upload and without any further Ado let's just jump right into this because you guys can gross Bitcoin is really really boring right now.


and obviously I don't have to say that uh out of 10 top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is gonna be one of them but again I wanted to create something more something less obvious than Bitcoin and ethereum so ethereum is obviously also that probably at the top of top cryptocurrencies but I selected 10 besides Bitcoin in ethereum and before we get into these remember that in the description of this video as well as in the pinned comment there is a link to my free Discord Channel where me and my team we post all of our treats with technical stop losses and take profits explanations technical explanations fundamental explanations etc for all the trades that we are taking and we're doing like exceptionally well here are all the trade results 64 80 83 38 47 327 of our subscribers in my Discord.

look how many results there are how much money we are making it's absolutely freaking unbelievable so if you want to join us and see all of our smallest trades that we are taking then go again down in the description of this video or into the pinned comment and just simply join my free Discord channel it's absolutely free and you're going to be making and you're going to learn a lot as to how professionals trade and also going to be a part of a huge crologian community and you're gonna make some money so go join us right now so okay besides Bitcoin and besides ethereum uh number one that I wanted to mention this isn't like my top top pick but tone coin is something that is very underrated and something that not too many people are talking about there has been a lot of controversy about it but nonetheless I still think it's an absolutely incredible project and our Target for it is going to be somewhere in the vicinity again the I think that.

the targets all of the targets for the next cryptocurrencies I'm going to mention are going to be reached somewhere by the end of 2024 and probably the or potentially the latest the end of 2025 simply Bitcoin halving all the Cycles fed pivoting uh changing monetary policy all these obvious things so we don't expect this to happen in next two months so this is something that is part of my portfolio and in this video I'm simply going to go through all the top 10 coins that I've picked and the price targets for those coins am I gonna go just too deep into every single coin because this video is going to be 10 hours long so ton coin the target is going to be anywhere from ten dollars to 13 as per my expectation now the next coin is going to be Matic so polygon polygon is an incredible project and the target for polygon I would say also in the same percent D.

from eleven dollars to Seventeen dollars by Twenty twenty four twenty twenty five twenty twenty six so the next coin which is a very obvious choice that's going to be binance coin and this one again needs no introduction Target anywhere from fifteen hundred dollars to about twenty four hundred dollars so really good potential and this is a very good uh well performing coin and binance has the best chance of actually competing in the market of Regulation and it's already getting regulated so that's actually a good thing and it's going to grow exponentially because of it next thing is Adam now guys before we continue I want to tell you that I in my portfolio I actually hold like 28 coins at this point so I've picked 10 but to be honest it was very difficult for me to pick 10 out of 28 coins that I have because I think that all of them are good let me know.

down in the comments right now if you want to meet to make part two of this video and do actually top 30 coins which is actually the best way to do this and it's actually better to have more coins and different sectors different Industries different directions and niches and just this way you know somehow diversify and have less risk in your portfolio but again I picked 10 for this one but let me know in the comments if I should do a full overview of my whole portfolio what I'm holding right now so for Adam the target I would put it in at about 139 dollars up to 252. so a big gap but this is just what my math has told me so you can see how many access it could do next thing is chain link with chain link I'm not as optimistic because of quite a few things but but still is currently trading at about seven dollars and it's gonna.

2- 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2023

I think it's gonna go to at least eighty dollars to about 127 dollars not too far away from its all-time high but that's just what my math is telling me and lastly guys and girls if you want to be trading and buying or spot Market or just buying these cryptocurrencies that I'm telling you about in this video then you can do this over on bid get there is a link down in the description of this video as well as in the pinned comment to bitgit and if you're going to use my link you're going to get 10 cashback on all the trading fees in your into your sport accounts even if you're a break even Trader you're gonna make money at the end at the end of the day and I'm using bid get from active trading now also if you're gonna sign up you're gonna simply get 20 usdt for using my link and then.

 if you deposit you can get up to eight thousand dollars in deposit bonuses and if you deposit more than 500 you'll get my famous paid crypto course for free and you're gonna learn like a lot like my methods of investing into cryptocurrencies which is absolutely incredible and I'm using bitkit for quite a while and yeah so this is about chain link now now next one is glmr and this one you know I just wanted to put it all there I know a lot of you are going to say Thomas this is not a top top coin you know of course top coins or something like top 30 and again let me know in the comments if I should make a video about all of them that I have because there certainly are more popular and more cooler coins than uh glmr however this is a coin that I think that has quite a good potential of reaching its.

all-time high which is about 50 dollars and maybe even surpass it a little bit 236 um dollars which is going to give you insane amount of access this is a coin I wouldn't put too much money into but it's got huge huge potential just simply because it's market cap it's currently like 200 million dollars so in relation to something like cardano which was obviously of course also part of my portfolio and in comparison to Adam or BNB at this kind of market cap is very small therefore the potential is pretty crazy so I really wanted to put it out there that this is like an or Underdog that could perform really well in the next cycle now next one near protocol there are some there's some controversy going around it obviously and you probably know.

all these things and also let me know down in the comments if perhaps I should do like separate videos about each single one I've done Solana ethereum cardano by the way and you can check out an xrp as well you can check out these videos on my YouTube channel you can find them but maybe I should do like videos about each single one it's okay for near protocol I would say that the target if everything plays out and not really nothing screws up like other projects then I would put the target at about 44 dollars to about 80 also a big gap but again it really is going to depend on how much of a cash influx there's gonna be from institutionals and what if it's going to be a super cycle Etc so we cannot really put it pin put a pin into a precise dollar amount but.

this is going to be the range so the next thing is uh polka dot I mean polka dot also needs no introduction and for polka dot right now at about six dollars I would be putting in the Target quite quite an optimistic one quite frankly but that's just what my analysis is giving me anywhere from 155 dollars all the way to 258 dollar potential despite its large market cap already remember that nobody ever believed that cryptocurrencies are going to be in billions of dollars in market cap and right now they're coming close to trillions of dollars of market cap so that's why don't be shallow minded think big so next thing is xrp again lawsuit this kind of a fundamental reason Etc I bet again and by the way of all of my analysis here played out like beautifully this is my old analysis so in the target for xrp I would put it in at something like oh let me go back.

I'd put it in at about minimum of ten dollars if they win the lawsuit and we'll see what happens with SCC and there's a good chance they will uh or in even even a script but this is going to be a crazy Target in my personal humble opinion of 30 dollars but ten ten dollars per xrp quite reasonable in my opinion and last but not least four just this video that's gonna be Solana and for Solana there are two Targets that we have actually because the performance of Solana have done a video on it is going to depend on how ethereum is going to perform and whether all the scaling solutions for ethereum are gonna work and if not then we have the red Target and if yes and Salon is just gonna dangle along then it's going to be a target of about anywhere from 400 all the way up to like 615 dollars but if ethereum fails then the Target because a lot of the cash is going to flow from ethereum to salana so and it's going to be the target of like about 768 dollars all the way up to me maybe even something as crazy as 13 to 14 hundred dollars guys and girls let me know down in the comments if you enjoyed this video and if I should make part two with many more coins because I have so many more other ones in my portfolio that I would love to mention that I didn't mention in this video let me know I'm gonna link a free course that I've done on crypto right here check it out it's a 40 minute course but you're gonna learn a lot if you're a complete beginner on how to trade Bitcoin and yeah as always peace and love stay Smart Stay rich and I'll see you in the next Post bye

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